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Business is all about people. We believe that employee engagement and people management are key success factors for modern competitive organizations. As a result of the ongoing digital transformation, support of employee engagement, talent management and HR processes can be done in a much easier, faster and more effective way. By merging a profound understanding of key HR challenges along with expertise in the latest technology, we have created Skilo – a solution designed by HR professionals.

An integrated Talent and HR management solution

Skilo is a cloud and mobile application that streamlines, simplifies and unifies end-to-end process of talent acquisition, development and retention. It covers recruitment, onboarding, performance, training, reviews, development, compensation & benefits as well as provides a social platform for managing employee engagement.

Built on Salesforce’s robust platform, Skilo provides an end-to-end talent management and HR process management solution which can be deployed in a matter of weeks, not months, bringing real value to your business in a short amount of time.

Grow your business by focusing on developing your talents

Increase employee engagement

Align personal goals and development plans with the company’s strategy

Acquire, develop and retain talents that fit into the company’s strategy

Streamline, simplify and unify the talent management process

Get quick access to key data and make smart personal decisions

Increase the effectiveness of your HR department25%
Speed up your recruitment process18%
Increase your employee retention35%
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All your talent management and HR processes in one solution

Explore key areas in which Skilo can help you to master employee engagement, talent management and HR management processes.

Recruitment & Onboarding

Simple and efficient talent acquisition. Easily advertise, collect and track applications to find appropriate candidates. Ensure that new hires feel welcomed and enable them to become productive fast.

Learn more about Recruitment & Onboarding Management …


Integrated career and professional development planning aligned with company’s business goals. Instantly identify, develop and retain top talent within your organization.

Learn more about Employee Development Management …


Standardized and unified training management for employees and leaders. Collect training needs, easily transform them into training plans, execute and evaluate.

Learn more about Training Management …


Optimize individual performance and align it with organizational strategic goals by an ongoing, continuous communication and revision of job responsibilities, priorities and expectations.

Learn more about Employee Performance Management …


Measure your employees’ performance in a simple and transparent way. Use self-appraisal and 360-degree feedback features to obtain information about your employees from many perspectives.

Learn more about Employee Review Management …

Compensation & Benefits

Easy and transparent management of compensations and benefits in an organization with workflows and quick access to information for employees and managers.

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What our Clients are saying…

Implementing skilo initiated a cultural change in our organisation which was key to our growing business. Successfully rolling out a new competency framework, resulted in a better understanding of the skills behind each role and every individual’s responsibilities. 

 Agnieszka Tomczyk, HR Director at Marketing Investment Group S.A.

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