Skilo – Competency Development Program

Customer Success Story: Marketing Investment Group S.A.

The Company

Marketing Investment Group (MIG) has been successfully operating in the footwear and clothing market in central and eastern Europe for over 30 years. The company employs over 1,900 staff and runs a network of 410 retail stores across nine countries, including Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Lithuania. MIG is the sole distributor of New Era, Lotto, and Umbro and operates its retail chains, including Sizeer, 50 style, Timberland, and Symbiosis.

The Challenge

MIG identified the improvement of its talent management process as a core strategic objective to drive the growth of its business and to achieve the company’s targets. As a result, MIG decided to change its approach to human capital management, moving from a task-based process to a model based on competencies and responsibilities.

However, the knowledge of employee competencies and development requirements was not centrally accessible, resulting in poor communication and decision-making by managers and the HR team related to promotions and career advancements. 

To improve MIG’s communication in the talent management process, the company needed a solution to consolidate all information in one place, including evaluation results, competency assessments, development goals, and job description cards. An essential requirement for the new solution was that it would be easily accessible across its dispersed network of retail stores.

The Solution

MIG’s HR Team launched an internal campaign to inform its employees about the change in HR processes, educating them on the value of competencies and the importance of continuous development. In parallel, MIG chose Skilo as its new platform to support the company’s newly implemented HR processes and assess its employees’ competencies necessary for the company’s future development. 

The first phase of implementation started with arranging and simplifying the organization’s hierarchy, consisting of job descriptions and related skills. When moved to the Skilo platform, this information was available and accessible for everyone in the company.

With the foundation in place, MIG’s HR team and people managers were able to create competency models, build new high-quality job descriptions, define career paths, identify employees’ professional aspirations, and review and plan development activities. As Skilo is an online platform, requirements for career development steps can easily be shared between the HR team, employees, and their managers across the entire organization.

The Implementation Benefits

After only a few weeks of implementing Skilo, MIG conducted its first structured review of employee competencies and was able to carry out the planning of development activities.

Employees and managers benefit from a structured competency management and evaluation process, allowing them to provide dynamic feedback, set personal development plans, identify training needs, and define career paths.

Results and tasks from the evaluation process are all in one place, allowing for faster and more informed decision-making related to promotions and career advancements.

Through the shared online platform and automated task flows, the whole talent management process runs more efficiently as it minimizes the time spent on administrative duties and reporting.

Since deploying the People & Competency Development tool, MIG has extended the Skilo solution with additional features to manage and optimize its recruitment, onboarding, and training activities.

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“Due to the dynamic development of MIG, we needed a tool that would support the identification of employee competencies, enabling us to fully leverage these skills for the future development of the entire organization, but also for better decision-making at a personal level. The cooperation with the Skilo Team during the implementation was great and, as a result, we now have a standardized and simplified approach towards competency development across the entire organization. We also have an even better understanding of individual roles and their importance for MIG. This was the start of a cultural transformation the organization had been preparing for quite some time.” 

Agnieszka Tomczyk, Head of HR, Marketing Investment Group

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