Enable People to Grow

Skilo enables employees to grow and be successful at work. If you want people to engage, they need to commit to their goals and align with the company’s strategy. They need to develop their competencies and skills to achieve their goals. They also need an ongoing feedback and dialogue with managers and coworkers to understand what works and what could be better.

Check out Skilo! A proven and intuitive people engagement HR App on Salesforce® platform. The app that is used by customer-facing teams to boost commercial excellence. Talk to us today and see what Skilo can do for you!

Performance Management

Optimize team performance management on Salesforce and align it with organizational strategic goals by an ongoing, continuous communication and revision of job responsibilities, priorities and expectations.

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Competency Development

Integrated career and professional development planning aligned with company’s business goals. Instantly identify, develop and retain top talent within your organization.

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Performance Reviews and Feedback

Measure your employees’ performance in a simple and transparent way. Use self-appraisal and 360-degree feedback features to obtain information about your employees from many perspectives.

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Training Management

Standardized and unified training management for employees and leaders. Collect training needs, easily transform them into training plans, execute and evaluate.

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Recruitment and Onboarding

Simple and efficient talent acquisition. Easily advertise, collect and track applications to find appropriate candidates. Ensure that new hires feel welcomed and enable them to become productive fast.

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