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Customer Success Story – Janssen: Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson

The Company

Janssen Australia is a leading global research-based pharmaceutical company and employs more than 320 staff in Australia & New Zealand. The company’s key research priorities are Immunology, Infectious Diseases & Vaccines, Oncology, and Neuroscience.

The Challenge

To serve its customers and patients in the best way, Janssen Australia employs over 100 dedicated account managers and medical representatives. Janssen uses Veeva®, a Salesforce® platform-based CRM dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry, to execute daily sales and account management activities.

Janssen developed the Account Management Excellence program, which aims to enable dialogue and continuous development to understand the healthcare ecosystem better. The initial technical implementation of this program proved to be challenging. Janssen lacked a mobile-friendly technology solution that would enable account managers, medical representatives, and supervisors to always access staff competencies and manage their development.

The Solution

After researching and analyzing various internal and external solutions, Janssen decided to use Skilo, a comprehensive employee development & performance management solution built on the Salesforce® platform. The main reasons for selecting Skilo were that it provides robust integration with Salesforce®, its mobile readiness, its out-of-the-box competency development capabilities, and user-friendliness.

With Skilo, Janssen was able to seamlessly connect to Veeva® and provide an enhanced mobile user experience for its Account Management Excellence process. Skilo comes with pre-configured workflows, which made it possible to successfully deploy the tool to all users in a matter of weeks.

The Implementation Benefits

After implementing Skilo’s employee performance & development solution, account managers, medical representatives, and their supervisors were able to manage staff competencies better and have constructive, open communication around career development activities. In addition, Janssen Australia has experienced an increase in customer service level and satisfaction due to the better evaluation of skills and proficiencies of individual medical representatives within the organization.

An easy-to-use solution that is also easy to maintain that engages the staff in continuous competency development, dialogue and career planning activities.

Improved account management that resulted in streamlining business processes and building stronger relationships with their customers.

Increased customer satisfaction due to the account management excellence program and, most importantly, better service for their patients.

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“We implemented Skilo on our Veeva® /SFDC platform to develop our field team competencies. The tool allows the team to plan and manage their competencies with their supervisors. The team modified Skilo application to work in our Veeva® platform to leverage the field rosters and alignments. The tool works on the iPad.

— Randal McDaniels, IT Director


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