Competency Development

Provide continuous growth opportunities to your employees
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Align talent development with your business goals

Manage career and professional development planning, in order to raise the efficiency of the company’s business activities. Build employee knowledge pool based on their competencies, aspirations and development achievements. Identify and retain top talent within your organisation.

Integrated development activities in one place

Manage competency models

Create new competency models, implement existing ones and build high-quality job descriptions.

Define career paths

Build unique career paths based on the structure of your organization. Define specific requirements and conditions for promotion. Share the requirements and possible career development steps with your employees and managers.

Identify employees professional aspirations

Let your employees and managers define their professional aspirations. Review and plan development activities so that your employees can raise their current level of skills and acquire new competences in accordance with their ambitions.

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Key benefits for your organization

Grow your talents

Skilo is an efficient tool designed to identify and develop talents in your organisation, providing a simple way to review your employees’ skills and competencies and manage their professional development by defining career paths and planning training activities.

Increase employee engagement

Skilo promotes better collaboration between employees and managers to encourage professional development using leading HR practices. Skilo also delivers a feedback tracking system for employee development.

Find your successors

With Skilo, you can quickly define career and succession paths and find suitable replacements for key positions.

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