Recruitment & Onboarding

Streamline your talent acquisition process
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Provide your organization with a complete and efficient talent acquisition process. Track your future employees and collect applications faster to find appropriate candidates for recruitment requests. Collaborate with hiring managers and recruitment specialists online giving your full time and attention to making the best employment decisions.

Acquire talents to grow your business

Collect requisitions and manage your recruitment projects

Review hiring managers’ recruitment demands and describe job requirements. Create recruitment projects, assign recruiters and define specific process stages.

Post job offers and collect applications

Build job offers and post them to your employees or candidates internally and/or externally of your organisation. Collect applications, collaborate online and develop candidate short lists. Build your own applicant pool.

Create and monitor onboarding process

Define a list of onboarding tasks for new hires to prepare them for their jobs before they start. Assign tasks to specific employees and monitor progress.

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Key benefits for your organization

Discover new talents

Skilo provides an efficient candidate search and selection tool which enables finding and reviewing all the most important information related to employees and candidates in the shortest possible amount of time.

Reduce recruitment costs

Skilo streamlines the acquisition process and reduces the hiring time frame. It eliminates the need of having separate resources and processes. All information required to make well-informed personnel decisions is available in one place and available from your laptop or mobile device.

Hire top talents for your job requirements

Skilo facilitates quick collection of crucial employee and candidate information and enables successful collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers in order to select qualified applicants

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