Review Management

360 Performance Review and Feedback Management
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Easy and transparent employee evaluation

Simplify your performance evaluation process. Track the progress of employees’ objectives. Include and evaluate competencies and plan for development activities along with performance reviews.

Design and implement transparent reviews

Manage the performance review process

Create review forms and assign them to your employees. Define review areas. Schedule and control the process for your organization. Monitor completion progress with dedicated reports and dashboards.

Review employee performance

Conduct review meetings in a structured way. Measure employee performance and evaluate against individual and business goal attainment. Identify strengths and development opportunities against goals and competencies. Ask and collect feedback on employees from peers or projects.

Complete self-appraisals

Allow employees to self evaluate against their goals and objectives. Engage managers to have an open conversation about development opportunities and career growth.

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Key benefits for your organization

Improve employee performance

With Skilo, you can easily review individual or team performance, compare against previous goals and set realistic targets for the future.

Personal development plan

Skilo provides a framework for building development plans, improving skills and competencies. Skilo also enables employees and managers to request specific training and development activities.

Retain top talent

Use meaningful criteria and metrics to evaluate your employees’ performance. Find employees with the highest potential and provide a transparent process to promote engagement and development.

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