Compensation & Benefits

Everything you need in one place

Total reward management

Skilo’s Compensation and Benefits module allows management users to get a single view of their total rewards. Skilo enables quick access to users regarding information on salary, variable pay and benefits.

Manage your Compensation and Benefit Plans easily

Manage benefits and fringe benefits/perks

Skilo allows you to create and manage a list of benefits that can be assigned to employees based on eligibility criteria.

Provide employees access to their compensation

Skilo can provide every employee with information on their remuneration that includes salary, variable pay and total compensation data. Managers can access compensation information for their direct reports.

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Key benefits for your organization

Find all salary information in one place

Employees can access their compensation information in one screen. No need to look at various sources or systems to figure out the total compensation.

Manage bonuses

Managers can allocate bonuses to teams based on total compensation data available to them in Skilo.

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