Employee Performance Management App on Salesforce®

Enabling teams to achieve business goals
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Aligning employee performance with company’s goals

Manage your team’s business objectives. Create and modify goals according to SMART criteria. Track progress and evaluate implementation using customized review forms.

Enable employee performance with streamlined goal management process

Set goals for your team

Set measurable objectives that can be entered by your employees. Ensure objectives are clearly stated so they can be measured and converted into results.

Track progress

Give managers access to information on the implementation and progress of goals and business objectives. Track goals updates and progress throughout the performance cycle.

Conduct performance reviews

Use Skilo’s review forms to capture goals and review ratings. Employees can conduct self-appraisals and request 360 feedback. Managers can complete review forms and request performance feedback meetings from within Skilo.
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Key benefits for your organization

Simple and transparent evaluation system

Provide performance appraisal processes in one place so employees and managers are engaged with current and historical information on performance evaluations.

Realistic goals for your employees tied to your business

Accelerate the growth of your business by using the goal-setting process to easily define measurable and attainable goals for your employees.

Simple but comprehensive goal evaluation

Use consistent assessment criteria. Keep your employees and managers involved to increase engagement. Allow peers to actively participate in the evaluation process via 360 feedback.

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