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Increase training management efficiency

With Skilo, your training management process can be standardized and unified. Employees, managers, trainers and HR professionals can proactively participate in the process of collecting and managing training needs for the organization. Skilo facilitates the process of organizing and evaluating training courses and helps to choose the courses that are most effective for your employees.

Integrate and simplify training management process

Collect training requests and mange training needs

Skilo enables you to analyze training needs, as well as add new training courses to the existing training database. It facilitates setting up new training editions, adding participants or organizing sessions open to every employee.

Manage your training budget wisely

Skilo allows HR professionals and managers to allocate and manage training funds. Create a budget for every department and send requests to managers to accept training costs to better manage training budgets all in one system.

Plan and execute trainings

Skilo allows you to send training invitations to employees and check their attendance. You can also manage evaluation questionnaires and monitor whether the training was interesting for the audience.

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Key benefits for your organization

Manage training data easily

All of your training data will be stored in Skilo, allowing you to choose and monitor the most effective training courses that are making an impact on your employees.

Get access to a base of coaching organizations

With Skilo, you will access to a database of training organisations, training centres, trainers and offerings which will shorten the time needed to find and organise training events across your organisation.

Make smarter decisions

Thanks to training evaluation and access to training reviews you will be able to choose the trainers, training programs and locations that will suit your team best.


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